Landscape Vessels

With a focus on the re-invention of our traditional notion of landscape art through using footage of natural and urban landscapes creating dynamic and interactive sculptural textiles. 


Images are printed onto cotton and bonded onto aluminium and the surface worked into using a variety of techniques creating three dimensional work that captures the physicality of the landscape, not only in a visual sense but through atmosphere, light, shadow, movement and shape, exploring empathy with our favourite spaces, childhood memories and dreams.


Exploring the notion that we are shaped by our surroundings and how it influences the way we live, grow and see life and how we shape our surroundings to fit our needs and needs of others.


Designed to be touched and sculpted by the viewer, each person who interacts with the work creates their own narrative, experiencing interaction with art on a deeper level and creating connections between ourselves and our surroundings.

Touching Landscapes

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